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Style Me Proud

I interrupt this vacation to bring you BIG, fabulous, stylish news regarding my “share-daughter”, Nicole.

By the way, fairy tales have ruined the words “stepmother” and “stepdaughter”, forever. Thanks, Mr. Disney.


My oh-so-lovely “share-daughter”, Nicole, was featured on the oh-so-lovely wedding blog, Style Me Pretty She is a very talented photographer in Austin, as you can see.

via nicole ryan photography

Nicole has always had such a natural, creative eye and a gift for discerning the unique from the classic obvious. 

via nicole ryan photography

 With her stunning photography, she has a talent for capturing the quiet miracle of a moment.


via nicole ryan photography


I am a wicked-proud-stepmother.  It is times like these I am so happy to have a blog.

It is the mom equivalent of shouting from the rooftops.

Oh, did I mention Nicole Ryan Photography ?Read the rest