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When I was little, the vision I had of myself was truly remarkable for a little Mexican girl all of 5 years old in Houston,Texas. I’m not exaggerating here. My bathroom mirror was magical. Everyday, I would climb onto the counter, feet positioned in the sink, hairbrush in hand and check my face at every angle with my “microphone”. The person staring back at me varied. Sometimes it was Cher or Goldie Hawn from “Laugh In”. Sometimes I was “That Girl” Marlo Thomas or my namesake Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, (the 70’s version with the long hair, big sunglasses, turtlenecks and bell bottom pants, which, today, is still my favorite look.) See? A magic mirror. To me, there wasn’t anything to stop me from being any of those fabulous women when I grew up. “Someday”, I’d dream to myself or anyone that would listen.

The funny thing is that I never did stop seeing myself in an exciting, creative life. I was a dancer all through school. I then became a model, studied a little acting then planned on moving to L.A. to make IT happen. Even though I was not your basic blond hair, blue eyed 80’s all-American type, I never doubted that it would happen.  But, ahhhh…..love happened instead.  I became a wife and stepmom at 22, had my daughter, Jordan at 23 and my son, Joshua at 25. Domestic life has been my life’s work, ever since, without an ounce of regret. And as my daughter Jordan puts it: “J-Lo got your career.”

I’ve never looked back. I set out to approach every aspect of being a wife, mother and step mom from a point of creativity, meaning and “Lola” style. (My nickname “Lola” comes from a TV commercial I did in Texas. You know…just in case it ever comes up while you’re playing “Trivial Pursuit”.)

I’m sure your asking yourself how does a Go-Go dancing Goldie Hawn gel into running a house and raising kids? Well, I do have white go-go boots, but I’ve never worn them while cooking dinner or anything. (hmmm, maybe now that the kids are gone, Larkin might like that. Sorry for the visual, kids.) Anyway, it was MY sense of THEIR spirit, that I spun with my own style that helped shape me into the wife, mother and woman that I am today. Those fabulous women were the mentors to my “Lola”.

“You just have this way about you…..” is a phrase I am often addressed. Sometimes with a puzzled look, I might add.  My way is intended to BE spirited, unique, creative, silly, ridiculous, one of a kind….whatever.
It’s Goldie.
It’s Cher.
It’s Marlo.
It’s JBKO.

It is Lola. And, I am living Lola.


3 Comments on “About Lola

  1. No doubt! It has been with much pleasure to have had “moments” with “Lola” throughout the years, and I definitely look forward to future opportunities. You have such great energy and light, Jackie! Congrats on your awesome blog…”Go Lola”

  2. Every day YOU look in the mirror should still be magical, Lola…because YOU are the magic to so many! And for anyone wondering…she can sing like noody’s biz–hairbrush or “real” mike!

  3. Lola, you ROCK and you ARE a rock for your family and those of us in your orbit. Love that limitless legions can now light upon your logic, levity and life. Blog away, my scrabble savant friend.

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