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Monarch dreams do come true for us commoners. I have just become an AMBASSADOR. And, no, it’s not from binge watching “The Crown.” Twice.

But it’s true – I am working alongside India Hicks. India is a designer with royal roots. If you’re a royal fanatic, you may remember her as one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids in that fab ‘80s dress. She’s also the daughter of David Hicks, so if you’re design-obsessed like me, you can already envision her style sense.

India is authentic, hilarious, and smart. She has made her home out of the limelight, on a tiny island in the Bahamas, and with her significant other, raised 5 children without the fanfare of the life she grew up in while keeping her feet firmly rooted in the sand.

From here she has built a company that encourages women to stand on their own two feet and to build a business in their own time, on their own terms. She is entirely earnest and sincere in her mission to create a tribe of entrepreneurial women.

Now that I have assisted Larkin with getting The Ritz MV up and going these past two years, I have really been feeling like I needed something for me. The bar business is his thing, and it has been an *adventure working alongside him. (*see previous posts if you’re interested in my definition of “adventure”)

I knew that the right thing would come along for me, at the right time…my own adventure. 2017 was going to be different. For one, there wasn’t anything big on the books for me; like a wedding to plan, a home remodel or a big move across the country. I was committed to searching out what I needed to do for ME, in my 50th year.

For starters and much to the chagrin of a few Texas friends, I decided to let my hair go gray, after my daughter Jordan’s wedding in October. I just felt that for me, coloring this mane every two weeks was a ridiculous waste of time, energy, money, etc. So, I hit up Pinterest, watched DIY videos, pinned a few hundred pics and found one woman in particular that spoke to me. Her blog and Instagram feed are very inspiring.

I kept sharing the photos with Larkin, who was very supportive of my decision, by the way, although I think he secretly worried that my following and liking of all things Annika, I might be a borderline stalker. However, he did notice that she posted a lot of pictures from a beautiful beach on Harbour Island. I noticed that we shared a common follow: @IndiaHicksStyle.

That same week, as I was semi-stalking my gray-haired spirit animal, Netflix released “The Crown.” Larkin was working in Houston, so I had the luxury of binge watching the series, in front of a cozy fire here on the Vineyard. Now, when I watch a movie or TV series, I have the IMDb page pulled up on my phone and Wikipedia at the ready. I am one informed viewer. While watching episode 2, I looked up the name “Mountbatten” and the first thing that came up? India Hicks. And where does she live? Harbour Island.  And what did Larkin give me for Christmas? A trip to Harbour Island.

I love when the universe speaks to you, personally. Even better when she shouts.

So here I go, Ambassador for India Hicks Style, reporting for duty!

I would love to share the collection of lifestyle products with anyone who would like to see them. They are exceptionally crafted but very affordable. India understands that not everyone’s grandfather was the Viceroy to India, or is Prince Charles’ goddaughter, yet they still want and deserve beautiful, well-designed things. (Personally, I would love a crown.)

My blog and social media accounts will have the link to our collection, and you can shop from the comfort of your home, at any time. For my friends on Martha’s Vineyard, I do hope you will call, email, message me and come take a look because the products have FAR exceeded my expectations. I can happily bring the collection to you, and we can make a party of it, at your home—I’ll even bring wine! Pop-shops, trunk shows; let’s make it happen.

I will be having a launch party at the end of the month, celebrating this partnership of island style with India, christened with a little bubbly toast to this new adventure.

In the meantime, please take a look at my India Hicks website: to check out this gorgeous collection.

Gray hair, new adventure—-this is on!

Ps: Thank you for the inspiration, Annika.

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  1. How wonderful, a whole new adventure just for you and of course all your friends who are rooting for you and your success. Would love to hear all about your new chapter and check out new products. Go get em!

    1. Nikki, thank you so much for your kind words. I am blessed to have strong, supportive women in my life. Launch party soon! xo

  2. I love EVERYTHING about this post, the words, the message, the photos, the way you look with the new color of your locks and your new adventure. Cheers to a great year hot mamma.

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