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a hazy summer

via L.A. Brown Photography/Martha’s Vineyard Magazine

How precious of me.

I thought I’d just spend my summer writing, while mulling over my journal at the beach, painting outdoors and hiking every trail with meditation walks on this lovely little island.  Sure, I’d fit in my social media duties and work, as well. It was going to be summer on the island, just like it used to be.

I knew it would get busy. I knew our little bar would get busy. I knew that the population of this island was going to grow by 100,000 tourists. I knew all of this.

But, wow.

At night, I take off my eye make-up with a slather of coconut oil and there is a moment of hazy blindness before I rinse if all off. (LivingLola beauty tip: Coconut Oil is like magic. You’re welcome.) This summer is that hazy blindness, except there is no rinsing off the cloudiness of the past eight weeks of crazy busy. It is all a blur.

I never expected to work this hard for a bar, of all things. But, I have to say, I have enjoyed the challenge.  It has been a good kind of getting-to-test-yourself kind of crazy. I think I may have even found my limit. So, I’ve got that now.

I look at what Larkin and I have built; the friendships that we are establishing, the life we are creating, the strides we are making.  Turning this little iconic 70-year-old bar into what we have coined, “the best little live dive on the rock”. LivingLolaFunFact: Many islanders refer to Martha’s Vineyard as “the rock”.

We are honored and humbled. Blessed with accolades, news articles, interviews and we even made the New York Times. Not bad for our first year. Larkin and I have a knack, a way of making things happen when we are both on the same page, in the zone. Our flow is amazing, almost a yellow brick road to success, as long as we are both headed in the same direction.

If either of us gets distracted or are not fully on board for a project, that is when we wobble, or worse, fall. I don’t mind falling. We are one bad ass team when it comes to getting back up. We’ve had our share of practice time in our 28 years together.

Now, we are in the home stretch of tourist season. Labor Day is a week away and I can even feel a cool, pumpkin spiced breeze outside this morning, as I write. Before you know it, Summer 2015 will be in the books as our first full summer in business.

Remarkably, after all this time, we continue to learn more about each other. New strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. Talents that we had never expressed and abilities that we learned together and tested our character and values along the way. Hey, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

 When the going felt wobbly, we wobbled right over to the beach; even just to watch a sunset. Above all, we learned how to stop and look around. We get to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is why we live here. There is so much to take in and we want to make sure we remind each other to do just that.

We work from home. Together. Every day.

It’s good for us to get out of the cottage/office and go somewhere else to unwind and reconnect.

At the beach, we’ve discovered that everything immediately seems positive, feels less overwhelming and is calming and rejuvenating, at the same time. We are able to check ourselves that indeed, we are still in the zone, together. I believe that this is key to a happy marriage. (Ahem, are my two brides-to-be reading this?)

I have been coming to MV since the 90’s, and this Gulf Coast girl had NEVER been in the Atlantic until this summer. I’ve discovered I love swimming in the ocean. Yes, I know that this is where “Jaws” was filmed. Floating, looking up at the vast blue sky puts all the stress and hard work into perspective.

Just another item in the something new and different column that I have learned about myself. It has made me think, what else am I going to learn to love? Learn to do? I am 9 months away from turning 50. It’s invigorating to think that there is still so much to learn, more to do, more to BE.

A Whole New Me to Be!  Kind of sounds like an undiscovered Dr. Seuss book.

So, what did you learn over your summer vacation?


Oh, and I learned to do graphic art, too.

11 Comments on “a hazy summer

  1. Love your post, girl! I can relate to so much of what you said…working a service business with your significant other while trying to “to it all”! Was our swim your first in the Atlantic??!! Lol! Xx

  2. I learned that Sebastian at 5 would rather have chocolate chip cookies then anything and that Matilda still likes to be snuggled at 7. The bliss of grandchildren. Your day is coming!

      1. Jackie, some Texas friends who live in San Miguel are going to be in Edgartown for their anniversary at the Harbor Inn. (I think that is the name). They wondered if you could recommend a nice restaurant for their anniversary dinner.

        They are a really interesting couple. He is somehow involved in the wine business and she is a former interior designer who is now an accomplished quilter and all around interesting person.

        Thanks for any suggestions. I’m also going to give them the name of your place!
        Wish I was coming along. I’ve never been in that part of the USA! Take care.

  3. Jackie, loved your article. I wanted nothing more than to be able to come and visit over the summer however life has a funny way of taking alternate detours 😉

    Happy to hear, see, and read anout your successful summer You and your husband deserve it! I might just have to come and apply for a summer job next year!

    Toni Colarullo

    1. Thanks, Toni. Hope you’re able to get over here over this fall…maybe a meet up with our group. As I told Nikki, I think of y’all everyday, when I’m staring into that computer. Be well, dear.

  4. Fabulous Jackie, simply fabulous! What a great job you did describing your new life and new perspective after a long summer’s night dream/nightmare. How wonderful to discover new things about Larkin and yourself. You are an amazing writer and an even kinder spirit.

    1. Thanks, Nikki. You’re always so kind. I keep you and our group in my thoughts everyday, as I think, “write, write, write.” So glad to be winding down, so I’ll have time, time, time!

    1. Thanks so much, Joel. It’s funny, at first, our fun little festival was originally my birthday present, 3 years ago. He did it for me, even though it really wasn’t his thing. But, now? Wow. He’s hooked! Another lesson in learning to love new things, even after we may seem settled in our ways. We look forward to seeing you, as well. Like going to camp!

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