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twenty five

“Becoming a mother is life altering.” I hear that. I read that. I laugh at that.

Obviously, we are not talking breaking news here. Yes, becoming a mother alters you life. Forever.


“Alter” is nice, polite. A pleasant word for change; a slight, sweet modification, perhaps. The perfect dress that just needs to be slightly altered, a hem. Pin, tuck, sew. There…perfect. Altered.

In regards to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, “alter” is more of a tsunami in the Bermuda Triangle of physical body change, emotional mental upheaval and a soulful evolution that grounds your life’s existence on this planet.

Alter? That is precious, but it doesn’t even come close.

25 years ago today, my life was not altered. My life was shattered. Shattered into a million, brilliant beautiful pieces of light, that have since rained down over me, reflecting all that is good and true and funny and beautiful in this world.

A million, brilliant laughs with a million, brilliant happy tears.

A constant brilliant shower of an authenticity, a shining light that I had never known, yet recognized immediately. 

Strong, intelligent, beautiful, courageous, assured, nurturing, wise, creative and the funniest goddamned person I know.

Whatever she does, wherever she goes, she and I will always carry that moment inside us. When the million brilliant pieces of light shattered, rained down from the heavens, blew gracefully through the early morning warm summer Texas breeze and whispered, “mom”.

Happy Birthday, Jordan Adeline.

July 8, 2015

twenty five

5 Comments on “twenty five

  1. Oh my goodness. What a beautful (and spot on image). Happy Birthday to your daughter. And thank you… I sit here at Car Spa now – weepy. Thinking of my daughter too.

  2. Jackie, once again you’ve told the story of our life with perfect humility and humor. Thank you for allowing me to ride with you on this adventure of a “million brilliant pieces of light.” It’s really millions and millions brilliant pieces of light. Yes, that amazing girl and then the boy that you actually brought into my life, but also the the million pieces of light you showered on the two I came with. A package deal you brought both grace and true love to. You, baby, you, melded and created this crazy, funny, fun, deep, and oh so loving family of ours. For that I will always be grateful.
    And Jordy….well, thanks for choosing us. Because we both know you had more to do with you showing up on July 8th 1990 than either Lola or I did. BigDadLove!

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