Month: October 2012


make your plan

Set out and do it. Really. Whatever you truly want.

Career, relationship, parenting, dream home. Just like your next trip to the grocery store, it all starts with a plan.

Precise, direct, simple.

But, a life well-lived is not supposed to be precise or direct. Certainly not, simple.

Keep your aim in the general direction. Roll up your sleeves and be prepared for the hard work. Setbacks, big and small, await. Dig deep, breathe and fight your way through.

If you really want it, then it is worth fighting for.

 When the really big obstacles become just that, obstacles…step back. Think outside the box. Look at it another way.

There is always a way.

And, I’m pretty sure it won’t take six men to figure it out.

all photos from our first week of demo and salvage at our Woodland Heights house in Houston, Texas Read the rest