• Jason Peringer


  • Lmarin44

    Love it!

  • Katie P

    While this may be my favorite post, yet, the best part is how in the same sentence you go, “you may not like Pilates or Maker’s Mark…” haha Priceless. Why aren’t you going to be in the Vineyard this weekend! You’re leaving the Boy, Jordan, and me to die! :) we shall be fine. We won’t eat… But we’ll be fine. I think. :) Love you!!

    • Jacqueline Stallings

      Thanks so much my faithful, fourth daughter. Have a great weekend on MV. Sorry I am not there to cook for you! xo

  • Sandy

    Fantastic read.  Thanks!

    • Jacqueline Stallings

      Thanks for reading, Sandy!

  • http://twitter.com/Josh_Stallings Josh Stallings

    Wonder filled post.  I was thinking about you whilst diving into work this AM, thinking how many things about me (many tattoos, dark crime fiction I write, etc) that fall on your not so beloved list. And yet, me, I fall firmly on your beloved list. It is easy to think these outward things are us.  WE are more than our tattoos, even more than are heald beliefs.  We are ONE.  Love you sister of mine. 

    • lola

      Yes, you are definitely on my “beloved list”…tattoos and all! Thank you so much for your sweet, beautiful un-darkcrime words. Your support means the world to me. We are ONE, big brother. xxoo