Nora Ephron

Tributes, tweets, quotes and posts. There is a social media surge of love for Nora Ephron.

I would simply like to use this space, this little blog, to add my own voice to the chorus of resounding gratitude for this remarkable woman, whom we all wished could be our friend.

When Steve Jobs passed, we collectively mourned the man who gave us the physical tools to share our own voice. With Nora Ephron, we mourn the woman who gave us the emotional tools to have our voices be heard.


As a blogger advocate, she gave us permission to start the conversation and the courage to share it with others. She assured us that it was okay to find the humor in any tragedy and that laughter connected us all.

I would like to share one of my favorite essays of hers from The New Yorker .

Thank you, Ms. Ephron, for your wit and your wisdom. In the many, many movie lines that we recite daily, you will live on and continue to inspire.

I am sure you have already found the humor, in all of our grief.


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