For My Boy-Child

Happy 19th Birthday, Joshua! I love you, mom.

Boy Child’s Heart


There is a particular section, in a boy child’s heart

Whose love sits purest, among definite cell part

Ignited in the womb, started never to cease

Delivered in a room, our love beginning to speak

Natural love comfort comes from

Maternal’s beauty, driving thunderstorm

Onward and So forth

Brought in, just to give out

Her most beloved creations

Then, to raise right and send out

The most genuine version

Of possible variations

I hope to one day be a Job Well Done

But for now,

and always

My mother is loving

And I am her loving son.

 -Joshua Stallings 



2 Comments on “For My Boy-Child

  1. Brings tears to my eyes! Joshua is beyond amazing. I am so blessed to be his aunt and he is so blessed to have you as his mother. Love you both! Happy Birthday, Joshua!

  2. Hot damn! little bro. You are your most amazing self and the best. I love you and am honored to be your 4rth biggest sister 🙂 xoxox

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