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Over the weekend, I finally got around to writing my holiday Thank You notes. If you read my previous posts, you know why. In the past several years, there has been such a push for “Gratitude”. But, I feel this gratitude movement became so inwardly focused with journals and online classes to practice being grateful. With all of the introspection, the act of just writing a simple thank you note has been lost with our “iiGeneration”.

Maybe it’s my southern-ness, but I truly feel that penning a thank you note is an art that our rapidly changing, high tech society needs to hold on to. It doesn’t take but a few minutes to write a quick note of thanks to someone, sending good energy out into the world. I save all the thank you notes I receive. Whenever I come across them, they always put a lift in my day.

I have raised my kids to appreciate the art of the TY note. My 3 girls are very good with ink and gratitude. However, it almost killed me when The Boy didn’t send his high school graduation TY’s. But, that’s a whole other post. He did, however, very eloquently acknowledge me:

“Thanks for putting up with my teenage bullshit. Your a Queen, and I love you.”

You, see? Your sentiment can be expressed in a few lines, that’s it. What more could a mother ask for? (I didn’t even mention the incorrect usage of “your”) Simple elegance.

My oldest stepdaughter types her 2-3 page heartfelt sentiments in a small font, then literally cuts and pastes them into her cards or stationary. If I were to put them all in a book, it would rival an Oprah read. And you need tissues to get through them.

Excluding said stepdaughter, a common excuse is, “I never know what to say.” All you have to say is “thank you”. That is why it’s called a “Thank You” note. Sorry. Spoiler alert. Here is one of my favorite TY’s, received from My Girl (our youngest daughter). Short, very sweet and very to the point. Easy. I love it.

For inspiration, check out Leah Dieterich’s www.thxthxthx.com for her beautifully simple gratitude examples. To pine for an era gone by, go to www.lettersofnote.com  and see just how far we have really fallen.

For 2012, how about committing to upping the gratitude with a little pen and paper?

Here are 3 easy steps to make Thank You notes perfectly painless:

1.  Keep an updated, complete contact list on your phone, computer or old fashioned address book. Not having the right address is the second biggest reason for not writing a 2.  When you see stationary you like, buy it! Don’t wait until you need it. At that point, nothing will seem quite right.                                                                                                                     3.  Designate a drawer or a decorative box to keep all of your stationary, favorite writing pens, address book (if your kicking it old school) and return address labels. And, most importantly, Stamps!;The biggest reason for not sending a TY note. Buy plenty of Forever Stamps and you’ll be golden.

Dear Blog Readers,

Thank you so much for reading my blog. I truly appreciate your time. Your nice comments fondly remind me of my elementary school report cards. Thanks for your encouragement.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                              Jackie

Simple. Gratitude. Done.

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