Month: December 2011


A Project for a New Year

A blog. Let’s do this.

I just realized that I signed up for an account in September 2009. That speaks loads about me. Oh, I’ve got ideas. I just need a little help in the follow through and time management department. In September, The Mr. and I took are fourth and final child to college. So, after being a stay at home mom for the past 21 years, you’d think I would have nothing BUT time. These first few months of “empty nest” have been overwhelmingly….(awesome!)…easy. Hence, when the two college kids came home for the holidays last week, I began to wonder how in the hell I did this for so long without becoming an alcoholic or addicted to Ambien. And, when did they get so loud?! Anyway, this blog may just be the “time management” thing I need to figure out what exactly I plan on doing for the next half of my life. Everything I have ever created has been from home. My marriage, my kids, our home; everyday life has been my life’s work. t is my industry. It is what I know. It isn’t glamorous or exciting, at first. But, it can be with the right attitude and, of course, good lighting and good champagne. I am not a writer. Or a chef. Or a decorator. Or a photographer. (That would be my stepdaughter in Austin, Texas: )┬áBut I’ve played one for the past 24 years.

So, i’ll wing this blog. Just like I did with wifehood, step-parenting and motherhood.… Read the rest